photo: Karolina Pålsson
photo: Helene Schmitz

Together with his rider Jan Brink, Okeanos 1097 has been competing with great success, both nationally and internationally. He has victories and great placements in competitions up to and including Intermediare II level.

photo: Karolina Pålsson

Born 1998, 171 cm, exterior 41 points.
AB-awarded in Sweden 2005. Approved in Oldenburg, Germany, 2003.

Okeanos is a modern type of horse and a very elegant stallion with a high-placed neck. He did the German 70 days test in 2003 and was approved due to his good results in Oldenburg. He had the highest result in jumping followed up closely by the dressage points in combination with a very high ridability. Okeanos has been used in German breeding since 2004. Due to Okeanos’ great results at the test and his bloodlines, he is a modern alternative in both dressage, jumping, type and ridability. His bloodlines are almost identical with those of Briar since the mothers are full sisters.

Okeanos made his debut internationally in 2008 with good results. During 2009 Okeanos had good placements and won several competitions up to and including Intermedieare II level with Jan Brink in the saddle. Jan Brink, intends to start Okeanos in the Grand Prix during 2010.

Magini 695 Maraton 600 Utrillo 432
Fairy 9175
Gabinette 13129 Ganesco 503
Obenette 7375
Garbo Krocket 651 Kaliber 574
Skyfire 7761
Mikaela 13537 Illum 527
Medea 9648

Breeder and owner:

Hans-Yngve Göransson, Dalhem, Fuglie, 231 94 Trelleborg, Sweden.
Telephone: (+46) (0) 40-42 31 10, (+46) (0) 70 34 231 01


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Fresh and frozen semen are available all over the world. For more information, please get in contact with the owner Hans-Yngve Göransson
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